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Kersey 1980 to the present day

Aerial view of Kersey

During the years since the 1980s, Kersey has seen even greater changes.  There has been a significant influx of newcomers, more renovation of properties and the building of new ones from old buildings.  Some cottages too are now only used at weekends or have become holiday lets.  These years have also witnessed the loss of one of the two remaining village pubs, The White Horse, as well as the loss of the post office and Kersey Pottery.  Meanwhile, the village school and The Bell Inn continue to thrive.   

The post office is sorely missed.  Since 1982, it had been run from the home of the postmistress, Mrs Norah Orriss, in Vale Lane.  The Stiff family’s grocery shop shut in 1992 and nowadays neither the mobile grocery shop nor the mobile library call at the village any longer.  Similarly, the local bus service has ceased to operate. 

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