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The Bell Inn                                                               Medieval inn serving home-cooked food & drinks
Tel 01473 823229
website:  www.kerseybell.com
Link to Pub page on this website

 David’s Kersey Quail Eggs                    Fresh quail eggs laid on the farm in Kersey

Regular orders welcomed
Tel: 01787 210859
Email:  thecovey@kerseylivestock.co.uk      Website:  www.kerseylivestock.co.uk

Glass and Craft at Kersey Mill

Family Fun Craft Workshop and Local Craft Gift Shop

Offering Glass Painting, Ceramic Painting, Decopatch and now our NEW craft ‘Fun with Wood’.

www.glassandcraft.co.uk Tel: 01473 517404 Mob: 07920 023 220

Hedgecog Systems Web based software applications

Hedgecog Systems design, build and deliver bespoke web-based applications and solutions for a wide range of industries and purposes, including their new staff holiday planner, Book a Day Off (https://www.bookadayoff.com)

Tel: 01787 275 672

Email:contact@hedgecog.co.uk Website: https://www.hedgecog.co.uk




Kersey Mill - A natural environment to enjoy!

A beautiful setting with a Coffee Shop for light lunches, Gym for health and fitness, Beauty Salon for hair and beauty services, Function Rooms for weddings and parties, Revival Exchange for high end clothing, furniture and much more...

Website: www.kerseymill.net

Kersey Pest Control                                 Domestic, Commercial & Agricultural Pest Control
Tel: 01787 211189

Kersey VPA                                                               Marquee Hire

40’ x 20’ Traditional Pole Marquee
30’ x 15’ Clear-span Frame Marquee
Very competitive rates for all functions, parties, weddings, celebrations, village fetes, shows etc
Tel: 01473 822230

Pete Partridge                                                   General Builder

Alterations, repairs, plumbing & carpentry
Tel: 01473 827231

Chris & Sarah Partridge                   Poultry, Ducks & Farm Yard Manure
Pure bred point of lay pullets, hatching eggs, hens & chicks available seasonally
Also ornamental ducks
Well rotted farm yard manure available late summer/early autumn  Please order early.
Tel: 01787 210859
Email: thecovey@kerseylivestock.co.uk   Website:  www.kerseylivestock.co.uk

R Partridge & Son Ltd                            Kersey Beef & Lamb
Home bred beef & lamb supplied in freezer packs, bagged & labelled
Tel 01787 210859
Email: thecovey@kerseylivestock.co.uk   Website: www.kerseylivestock.co.uk  

 SJ Sargeant Contracts                   Landscaping & Agricultural Services

Landscaping and agricultural services including domestic, equine & commercial fencing.
Uplands Farm, Kersey, Ipswich, IP7 6ES
Tel: 01787 210402 or Mobile 07747 011172
Email: Stephen@sjsargeantcontracts.co.uk   Website: www.sjsargeantcontracts.co.uk

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