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Parish Council

Kersey Parish Council is committed to working together with the residents of Kersey for the benefit of the whole parish and aims to be as accessible as possible.

Our aims are to:

  • Act in the best interests of all residents
  • Make Kersey a great place in which to live, work and visit
  • Provide a safe, secure and modern environment
  • Preserve Kersey's unique heritage
  • Have a well run, financially secure and involving Parish Council
  • Represent local views to the next levels of government at Babergh District Council, Suffolk County Council and Westminster

All parishioners of Kersey are encouraged to raise matters of concern with the Council and are welcomed to attend meetings.  The  Parish Council is an elected body which reflects local views and functions as the first tier of government for the parish of Kersey.

There are seven Parish Councillors who make up Kersey Parish Council, see below the list of Councillors.  Parish Council elections take place every four years.  The next routine election is due in May 2019.  

The Parish Council depends on local people taking an interest in what happens in their community.  Whatever their background, local people working as Parish Councillors can bring a wealth of knowledge and community understanding into the local team.  The Parish Councillors undertake their duties voluntarily, supported by the Parish Clerk.  If you are interested in being a Councillor or joining one of our working groups please contact any Councillor or the Clerk.





Area of special responsibility


John Hume

01473 810098

Kersey Playing Field Association Trustee (ex-officio)

 Vice Chair

Mrs Yvonne Martin

01473 828361

Local History Recorder


Mrs Veronica Partridge

01473 823188

Village Hall rep


Giles Hollingworth

01473 824663

Chair of Footpath Working Group. Finance lead Cllr and KCPC Working Group


Andrew Rogers

01787 212242

 Footpath Working Group


Kevin Pratt

01473 823028

 Footpath Working Group


Mrs Penny Calnan

01787 210459


In accordance with the Localism Act 2011 ss 26 to 37, Kersey Parish Council has adopted the Suffolk Local Code of Conduct which you can view below. Councillors have registered their pecuniary and non-pecuniary interests with Babergh District Council and these are published on BDC's website, click link below.  

Link to Parish Councillors' Registers of Interest

Parish Clerk

Mrs Sarah Partridge Bridges Farm, The Tye, Kersey, Ipswich IP7 6HB 01787 210859


The Parish Council has two Working Groups to support their activities in the community, these groups are made up of volunteers including Parish Councillors working to make Kersey a better place to live.

The Footpath Working Group is chaired by Giles Hollingworth, more information about this group is found on the Walks page.

The KCPC Working Group (Kersey Community Playground Committee) is chaired by Jonathan Marsh, more information about this group is found on the Village Organisations page.

Kersey Parish Council does not own any land or buildings.

Kersey Parish Council leases, from Kersey Playing Field Association, 3 small areas of ground at The Glebe, Hall Road, Kersey for recreational purposes (approx 460sqm).   The current lease is for 15 years and expires on 30 June 2026.   There is a children’s playground area, an area for fitness equipment and an area for the cricket practice net, all the areas and equipment are maintained by KCPC, a working group of the Parish Council.

Franey and Rand Charities -  Mrs Rachael Rogers is the  Kersey Parish Council representative for these charities. Their aim is to support anyone in a time of hardship with medical needs, travel expenses to hospital and food vouchers in winter.  For more information telephone 01787 212242.  

Nightingale Trust - Mrs Natalie Blyth and David Woollard are the Kersey Parish Council representatives for this Trust which owns the allotments in Kersey.  More information is found on the Village Organisations page.

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