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Ordinary meetings for Kersey Parish Council in 2018

  • Monday 22 January Parish Council
  • Monday 5 March Parish Council
  • Monday 9 April Annual Parish Assembly + short Parish Council  
  • Monday 14 May Parish Council Annual Meeting
  • Monday 9 July Parish Council
  • Monday 10 September Parish Council
  • Monday 19 November Parish Council 

These meetings are on Monday evenings and usually start at 7.30pm in Kersey Village Hall and are normally finished by 9.30pm.

Kersey residents are welcomed and encouraged to attend meetings and can ask questions or raise matters of concern in the public forum, 'Parish Time', at the end of each meeting.  Notice of all meetings and agendas are placed on various parish notice boards around the village and on-line (see folder below).

Click here to see a guide for public participation at Kersey Parish Council meetings

Extraordinary Parish Council meetings are called as and when necessary, particularly if a response to a planning application is required by Babergh District Council before the next ordinary meeting. These meetings are usual quite short, just to consider planning applications and any other urgent matters. Notice of the meeting and an agenda are displayed on the notice boards in the parish and on-line as usual.

As the Parish Council is a statutory consultee, all planning applications for Kersey are sent to us by Babergh District Council for comments. The Parish Council is responsible for the approval and monitoring of Parish Council expenditure and setting the precept. The Parish Council is also involved in highways, community safety, and rights of way.

Our meetings are regularly attended by:

  • Alan Ferguson our Babergh District Councillor
  • Robert Lindsay our Suffolk County Councillor

Minutes of Parish Council meetings can be seen on-line, see  folders below.  A hard copy can be obtained from the Clerk upon request.  A Parish Council report is also published in the Kersey Newsletter.

Agenda and Minutes of Meetings:

Click on the folders below to see the minutes for each year