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Village Organisations

Bell Ringers

Friends of the Fabric and Bells of St Mary's Church

Kersey Church has 8 bells ranging in weight from 3cwt to 14 cwt. Practice night is every Thursday from 7.45pm until 9.15pm, to which beginners, learners and experienced bell ringers are most welcome. There is 30 minutes ringing before every morning Sunday service. The object of the association of Friends is to promote support for the maintenance and repair of the bells of St Mary’s Church, Kersey and the associated fabric of the bell tower. Membership is open to all; including people from outside the village who are interested in bell ringing. The association is run by a committee of which the incumbent is an ex-officio member.

Further details from:

  • Chair Mr R Banks Tel: 01787 210366
  • Tower Captain Mr N Whittell Tel: 01473 822616
  • Tower Correspondent Mrs K Banks Tel: 01787 210366


The Forget-Me-Nots is an association for the people who have the time to indulge in coffee mornings or afternoon teas; these are mainly provided by the kind invitation of those who reside in and about Kersey. The meetings take place monthly and usually last around 2 hours and we are thoroughly spoilt with excellent food and delicious teas and coffees by our hosts and hostesses. Everyone is welcome, whatever their age! These occasions are full of laughter and chatter, and we often celebrate a member’s birthday.

Those who cannot drive are collected by car and then delivered home. We have a raffle of garden produce, flowers or any small gift, and the proceeds go towards our outings. We like to lunch out from time to time and look forward to outings to the coast, and theatres amongst other excursions.

Suggestions are always gratefully received and anyone willing to host such a party should get in touch with Veronica. We look forward to visiting new venues.

Further details from:

  • Veronica Partridge on 01473 823188

Grays Trust

In 1910 the small one up one down former bakery on Church Hill was left in trust by the Rev William Brice Gray for use as a Reading Room. With improvements in education its original use became obsolete and from the late 1930s the downstairs room was used by a Men’s Club to play snooker and billiards. The upstairs room was used for church meetings and Sunday School. These uses gradually became infrequent and ceased in 1993, and the snooker table was sold in 1995. Different uses for the building were investigated and the parish was consulted, but nothing was identified. An application for lottery funds to convert the building into two small meeting rooms was rejected as an unviable project. The Charity Commission were consulted and a Scheme dated 4 December 2002 was granted giving the Trust different objectives but still maintaining Rev Gray’s original purpose in providing educational benefit for the people of Kersey and residual support for the church. The new scheme provided the Trustees with a power of sale of the Reading Room and this was sold in 2004 with permission to convert to a private dwelling. The proceeds of sale were added to the capital fund. The income from the capital may be applied to the following objects:

  1. To promote the education of persons who are resident in the area of benefit. This has been defined as the parish of Kersey and the surrounding area which includes Kersey Tye, The Uplands and Wickerstreet Green, in the County of Suffolk.
  2. If and insofar as the income of the charity cannot be applied toward the object above, it may be applied in furthering the religious and other charitable work of the Church of England in the area of benefit.


  • Rev Tim ffrench (ex-officio)
  • Mr John Robinson Chairman Tel: 01473 823247
  • Mrs Joan Hattrick Secretary Tel: 01473 828215
  • Mrs Rachel Wells
  • Mr Peter Martin

A notice inviting individuals and organisations to bid for financial support of educational studies appears in the Kersey Newsletter in January and July each year.

KCPC Working Group (Kersey Community Playground Committee)

KCPC is a working group of the Parish Council, which has the aim of maintaining and improving the recreation facilities for local children and adults. The playground at the west end of the Glebe sports field was established following local fundraising efforts. It caters for children aged 2-12 years with a wide range of activities in a safe enclosed area. There is a cricket practice net located at the east end of the Glebe sports field and three pieces of outdoor gym equipment near the children's playground.  KCPC hold regular fundraising events, including the popular quiz night in the autumn, so the recreation facilities can continue to be maintained and improved.  The working group is fortunate to be supported by volunteers from the whole parish who help with mowing and maintenance of the playground.  Anyone interested in helping at maintenance mornings or mowing the small playground area once a year as part of our rota of volunteers, using our mower, would be very welcome.

Further details from:

  • Chairman Jonathan Marsh  Tel 01473 822927

Kersey Millennium Book Fund

The Kersey Millennium Book Fund was set up in 2000 to administer, in conjunction with the Parish Council, income from the sale of the book, "Kersey Within Living Memory". This oral history was compiled in the late 1990s by Anne Maltby from tape recordings, reproduced verbatim, and photographs, given by the older residents of the village. The book was launched in 2000 and the first 1000 copies sold within 18 months,  a second run of 1000 books is now also  sold out. The book is now on the internet, you can download the book chapter by chapter (in pdf form) Go to Funds from income received from sales of the book are  available for the benefit of  Kersey village organisations.

Further details from:

  • The Parish Clerk, Sarah Partridge Tel: 01787 210859

Kersey Playing Field Association (The Glebe)

The Glebe sports field is on the Hall Road adjacent to the Old Vicarage and is owned by the Kersey Playing Field Association, which is a registered charity. The objects of the charity are ‘to provide and maintain in the interest of social welfare a playing field and recreation facilities for the inhabitants of the village of Kersey and its neighbourhood’.

The Trustees have leased to the Parish Council  3 plots, one at the west end of the Glebe on which the children’s playground has been established, another adjacent to the children's playground for fitness equipment and another plot at the east end of the Glebe for a cricket practice net. During term time the field is used regularly by the school. It is available for organised events.

Further details from:

  • Ian Hattrick Tel: 01473 828215

The Kersey Society

The Kersey Society evolved in 2010 out of the former Kersey Study Group, which for many years facilitated weekly lectures during the autumn and winter. The Kersey Society aims to organise three or four annual events of a broadly educational nature each year. In addition, it will encourage the formation of groups to explore special topics of interest, so far a theatre group and a book group have been started.

Further details from:

  • Ian Hattrick Tel 01473 828215
  • Yvonne Martin Tel 01473 828361

Lewis Mowles Trust Fund

This Trust Fund was set up in memory of a well-known Kersey gardening enthusiast and character. Fund income came from hiring out the 2 village marquees, now administered by the Village Produce Association, of which Lewis Mowles was an initiator and founder member. Monies are used to support various village projects at the discretion of the trustees.

Further details from:

  • Secretary Mrs Rachel Wells Tel: 01473 822230

Neighbourhood Watch

Giles Hollingworth  is the Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator for Kersey, he acts as a two-way communication channel between the police and parishioners.  However, with the advent of the Police Connect service which offers everyone the ability to receive regular updates from the police via text, telephone or email the Neighbourhood Watch scheme is fairly quiet. More information about the Police Connect service is available on the useful information page of this website.

Further details from:

  • Giles Hollingworth Tel: 01473 824663

Nightingale Trust and Allotments

The Nightingale Trust was founded in 1580 by the will of Robert Nightingale. There are 6 trustees, two representative trustees appointed by the Parish Council and 4 co-opted trustees who must be residents of the village. The income, mainly derived from garden allotment land, is distributed at Christmas to the elderly of the parish and also any resident of the parish who may require assistance during the year.

The allotments are situated at the end of Kedges Lane and are owned and managed by the Nightingale Trust. They are let, as available, generally on a first come first served basis.

There is now a special class at the VPA show for allotment holders.   The annual tennants meeting is held in October.

Further details from:

  • Allotments & Applications Mrs Norah Orriss Tel: 01473 827513
  • Secretary Natalie Blyth Tel: 01473 827805

Table Tennis Club

The Kersey Table Tennis Club was formed in September 2009. The Kersey Parish Plan, completed in 2008, indicated that there was considerable interest in table tennis amongst parishioners. As a result, a group of volunteers successfully applied for some grant funding to purchase 2 tables and start a table tennis club in Kersey Village Hall.

The objective of the club is to promote sporting and social activity for anyone in the locality. The club’s mission statement is to promote healthier living through exercise, give the opportunity for people to learn, improve and play table tennis and to provide a recreational amenity for all age groups to interact and socialise.

The club hires Kersey Village Hall on a Thursday evening from 7.30  — 9pm. The club will run between September and June each year depending on demand from players. Players pay a small charge each week to play; currently adults pay £1.50 for 1 hour or £2 for the whole evening and juniors pay £1/evening.

Further details from:

  • Adrian Blyth  Tel: 01473 827805

Tuesday Club

The Club meets on the first Tuesday of the month from March to December, usually in Kersey Village Hall at 7.30pm. It is open to any age group. A mixed programme is arranged each year including speakers, demonstrations, a meal and a fundraising event. It may include a visit to a place of interest. Members pay £1 per meeting to cover the costs. Non members are welcome £1.50.

Further details from:

  • Mrs Rachel Wells Tel: 01473 822230

Village Produce Association (VPA)

The Association was formed in 1947, the idea being to enable members to buy seeds and seed potatoes and also hold an annual flower show. Now the main function of the year is still the Flower and Vegetable Show, usually held in September. Annual outings are organised to gardens, etc. The Association also owns 2 marquees, which are available for hire to groups and individuals. The AGM is held in March with other meetings as required. Membership is £1 per year.

Further details from:

  • Chairman Pete Partridge Tel: 01473 827231
  • Secretary Mrs Rachel Wells Tel: 01473 822230